What Is Multihand Blackjack?How Play Multihand Blackjack

How Play Multihand Blackjack

Multihand Blackjack

Multihand Blackjack is one of the most popular games in casinos around the world. Even in land-based or online casino, blackjack is the place that attracts most players.

What is Multihand Blackjack?

Multihand Blackjack is a card game, players play against dealer. Multihand Blackjack players try to hit more cards to come near to the number of 21 (or equal) (but not exceed) as possible. The reason Multihand Blackjack is becoming more popular to players is because you can play with more than 1 hand.

Among other casino games, Multihand blackjack can be beaten by counting card skill, which is why it attracts a lot of gamblers. Also, a player can play with up to 5 hands in each table, which is 5 times a many chance to win per game.

Blackjack is played with normal 52 cards deck. At the beginning, every hand and the house are dealed 2 cards. Players can hit more cards to improve their points if they want.

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Basic Things About Multihand Blackjack

Table Organization

There are 7 players (hands) and 1 dealer (house) in every Multihand Blackjack game. However, every hand is against the house not each other. Player can play more than 1 hand in every table, which maximizes their hand in the table and increases the chance of winning.

The Deck

Ever since card counting skills are introduced in the 60s, people started to use more than just 1 deck in Blackjack. Nowadays, in modern casinos, blackjack is played with 6-8 decks mixing together. In GogbetSG, we use 6 for this game. So, sometimes, if you are dealed 2 same cards, don’t be surprised.

Points in Multihand Blackjack

  • Number cards (2-10) have the same point according to its number.
  • The Ace (A) is counted as 1 or 11 points, depends on how good it is for you.
  • The other cards (J,Q,K) is 10 points.

Hit more cards

After being dealed 2 first cards, players can hit more cards, as long as their total does not exceed 21.

After the players turn, it’s the house’s turn. However, different from normal hands, the house only hit more cards if its hand is less than 16 and stop there if it’s 17 points and above.


The purpose of the Multihand Blackjack is to beat the house by one of the following ways:

  • Have 21 points in the first 2 cards (which is called Blackjack) when dealer doesn’t have Blackjack. If dealer has blackjack as well, it’s a draw.
  • Having the last point higher than the dealer but no more than 21.
  • Dealer hits more cards and have more than 21 points.

Winning rate

Case Rate
Win by normal point 1 – 1
Win by Blackjack 1 – 1,5
Win by insurance 1 – 2

Order of a Multihand Blackjack game

An Multihand Blackjack is taking place in following orders.

#1: Players bet

Firstly, hands (players) will put their wish bet (within the limit of the table)

#2: Deal the Cards

After all players bet, every hand in the table (including the house) will be dealed 2 cards. Players’ cards are all opened meanwhile the house’s cards only open 1.

#3: Players’ turn

After 2 first cards, Players have his own turn, starting from the hand in the left of the dealer.

There are 2 different situations can happen:

Your first 2 cars reach 21 points => Blackjack; you win, unless the house also had 21 with his first 2 cards. That is when you have a push (not win not lose) But if the house hit more cards and get 21 points, you still win.

Your first 2 cards are smaller than 21, you have these following selections:

Selection Description
Hit Get more cards to come nearer to 21. But if unlucky, your total is over 21 (bust) then you lose immediately, no need to wait for the house’s turn.
Stand Stop, no more cards, you are totally satisfied with your current point and hope it’s big enough to win the home.
Double Double your bet, and hit 1 more card. After that, however the point is, you can’t hit any more cards.
Split If the first 2 cards are the same, players can choose to separate them into 2 hands, with the bet of each hand is same as his first bet. The dealer will deal for each of the new hand 1 new card. After that, you can play each hand as normal. However, casino has some restriction: 1) After split, A + 10 points hand is not blackjack, just a normal 21. 2) The set of 2 A after split can only hit 1 extra card.
Insurance If the open card of the house is an A, players have another bet called insurance. You can do or not, not compulsory. This is a separate bet and is half your first bet. Insurance is actually you are betting that the close card of the house is 10. If the house really has Blackjack, you win the insurance. If the house doesn’t have blackjack, you lose your bet.

#4 The house’s turn

When all players finish their turns, the house will open its card and have to hit cards until it reaches 17 or above to stop.

We believe those are enough for you to start earning from Multihand Blackjack. Now, your last mission is to choose a trusted online casino to play with. Start with us here in Gogbet Singapore.