Play Roulette – Introduction and Odds

PLAY ROULETTE - Introduction and Tips

ROULETTE – Introduction and Tips

Roulette is among the most popular casino games, the game is very simple. However, not everyone knows the rules of the game. In the tutorial on how to play roulette online, GOGBETSG casino will explain the types of bets and the odds of these bets.

In roulette, there will be one spin and one number for players to bet on. In this table there is a total of 37 numbers from 0 to 36 and different types of bets, while rotating storks also have 37 numbers and a small ball.

How to play Roulette at GOGBETSG CASINO

First, the player chooses the type of bets to place. Players will have a short time to decide where to place their bets.

The Dealer will start to dial a small ball around the rotating spinner. As a rule, the small ball needs to roll at least 3 rounds before falling into a specific number.

When the ball falls on a number, the player will compare that number with the bet that he or she placed to see if it’s a win or lose.

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Red – Black: This bet is based on the color of the table, and there are only Red and Black. If a player bets on the color that the ball finish, he will win, bet 1 win 1

Odd – Even: bets are counted from 1 to 36. If the ball falls into odd or even numbers, use that result to determine the winner. 0 is not counted as even, bet 1 win 1

Half table – 18 numbers: This bet will have 2 options from 1 – 18 and 19 – 36. The ball falls to any number to determine the winner, bet 1 win 1

A group of 12 numbers: there are 6 groups including 12 numbers in the table, the players will choose which group he wants to bet on. The number the ball falls into will determine the winner, bet 1 win 2.

Bet of 0 : bet 1 win 35.

There are other bets including single bet, double bet, group of 4 bet, etc. But players usually pick the above bets because the winning rate is 50%.

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Summary Play Roulette

In general, playing roulette at GOGBETSG casino is quite simple. If you are learning to play Roulette, just read through this tutorial and you how to capture the game. Very simple, easy to play, easy to win. This game is also featured at any online casino online or in real life. Playing a popular casino game is also a way for you to show your knowledge and class.