Poker Basic Rules – How To Play Poker Online?

Are you a fan of Poker online? Do you want to learn more about the Poker’s rules and how to play Poker online? This article will help you. Let’s follow us to know more about your passion! 


What Is Poker Online? 

First of all, Poker have known as Texas Hold’em. If you see Texas Hold’em in any casinos, it means Poker. Nowadays, Poker is popular all over the world and develops to become one of the biggest tournaments in the world. It’s not only popular in offline casinos, but also develop in online casino market. More and more players love it and want to learn about how to play Poker.

There Are Three Main Points In Poker Rules

The Basic Rules – The Meaning Of The Choices in Poker

1. The Basic Rules

– Starting of game, the dealer deals to you and your opponent 2 cards. 

– Next, 5 community cards are dealt in the middle table.

– Finally, the combination between 2 starting cards and the 5 community cards of each player will decide the result. The result is based on which side is stronger hand, that side wins. 

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2. How Many Players In A Poker Table?

There are 2 types of basic Poker table with the minimum betting amount:

– Poker table for 2 players: 

In this table, both 2 players are regulatory to the minimum betting amount (called the D – Dealer rule).

If you position appears letter D, you will be set a minimum betting amount. For example: $0.5. 

Your opponent is in the second position, he will be set to double betting with the 1st person. Example: $1.

– Poker table for over 2 players: 

For the Poker table with over 3 players, 2 players sit the left of letter D who are set the minimum amount:

The 1st left player: x dollars. For example: $0.5

The 2st left player: 2x dollars. For example: $0.5*2=$1.

The letter D will be changed its position after each game. 

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3. The Choosing Option

In the game, if you are the 1st player to play and you will have a choice to: 

Bet: For example, if you bet 10 chips and put 10 chips in the pot where placing your bets. After that, any next players who want to call have to pay 10 chips in the pot to continue playing. 

Check: If it doesn’t have any players bet before, you can check not to put more chip but still can call cards. This means you don’t have to bet anymore and the next players will act they bet or check following their expectation.  

If anyone decides to bet before you then you will have the option to:

Raise: When the first player bet before you while you want to increase your amount, putting pressure on the opponent, then your action is called Raise. If they don’t dare to follow cards because of the large amount of money, they would Fold.

Fold: When you have the bad cards and your chance of winning is low, you should Fold, don’t Call and wait for the next game.  

Call: if there is anyone before you decide to bet while you only follow to bet, it means you only spend the number of chips that the same with the first player. This action is named Call. 

All in: This means that you bat all your amount which you have. Once you are going all in, having someone call your cards, your mission now is waiting to see how the cards in the next games. When the final round ends, each player will show their cards to determine whether you win or lose. If you win, you will receive all of the amount that counted from the starting round to the going all in round and the amount of the next round will belong to the player with the strongest hand after you. 

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How Does A Poker Game Take Place? 

There Are 4 Rounds In A Poker Game: 

– Round 1: Pre-Flop 

+ The dealer deals the players two cards starting. The round is started and turn in a clockwise direction. The player on the dealer’s left is the default to start the first game. He has no choice as the default minimum bet is set. For example, $0.5. 

+ The next turn of the second player on the dealer’s left also has no choice and his bet amount is the default minimum bet that doubles to the first one.  For example, $1. 

+ The third player and over has to choose one of the below options:  

Fold: You choose Fold and stop playing.

Call: You choose Call, so you have to give the same amount to the second player.

Raise: If you are confident with your hand and want to increase your betting more, you choose Raise. 

At the end of round, after everyone is done, all of the amount will be collected and put on the middle of the table. It’s called Pot. Anyone win who can get Pot. 

Round 2: The First 3 Community Cards Are Dealt. 

Your mission is to combine your own 2 cards and 3 community cards when they are dealt in the middle of the table. The options now are as follows: 

Fold: If you are not confident with your cards, you choose Fold and lose all your bet amount.

Check: If you want to continue playing without increasing your bet, you choose Check.

Raise: Choosing Raise when you are confident with your hands and want to increase your bet amount.  

All in: If you are extremely confident, you choose All in. 

After finishing this round, the bet amount is collected as normal. 

– Round 3: The Fourth Community Card Is Dealt. 

You continue combining your own 2 cards and 4 community cards in the middle of the table when the fourth community card is dealt. The options are the same with the round 2 likeFold, Check, Raise and All in. 

Of course,  this is the third round for the player that you have to calculate and combine your hands to give the correct decision for your action. At the end of this round, the betting amount is collected as the same 2 round above. 

– Round 4: The Last Community Is Dealt

As in the previous round, you combine your cards with 5 of the community cards. There are still a total of options, as follows: Fold, Checking, Raise and All in. 

If you do not choose to discard at the fourth round, you will continue to the last step, which is Showdown.

– Showdown 

At the showdown, each player presents their card (this will be called the Poker Hand) to find out who holds the strongest hand, and that person will be the winner. And harvest all the money in the Pot.

To know if your hand is strong or not, you need to understand what the Poker hand is!

Poker Hand

1. What Is Poker Hand?

A Poker hand is made by exactly 5 cards. You only need to keep 2 starting cards and use them to combine with 5 community cards, which create a Poker hand. You can use 4 or 5 community cards that is okay. The only required must be 5 cards. 

 2. The Hand Ranking

– Royal Flush: If you combine with the cards on the table and have all the same suit, sequence from 10 to A (10, J, Q, K, A) and it doesn’t distinguish the suits about diamonds or hearts, it’s called Royal Flush. This is the biggest hands in Poker online and offline. If you have it, you will not be scared of anything. 

– Straight Flush: the second ranking is Straight Flush. This is any sequence all the same suit, for instance 4-5-6-7-8. If two players have the Straight Flush, the one with the bigger card wins, regardless of what suits. 

– Four of a kind: If you have a combination of four cards that are the same value, for example A-A-A-A-8, it is called Four of a kind. In case, there are 2 players that have Four of a kind (each one has a double same cards) who has bigger double cards, that wins. 

– Full House: If your combination have three of a kind and a pair, it’s called Full house. In case, if there are 2 players have the same Full house, the winning will belong to who has bigger three of a kind. In addition, if 2 players have Full house and have the same three of a kind, the victory will belong to who has the bigger a pair. 

– Flush: If your combination has all the same suit, it is called Flush. If 2 players have Flush, in this case who has the bigger value card will win. 

– Straight: If your 5 cards has a basic sequence like 6-7-8-9-10 without distinguishing the suit, it’s called Straight. If 2 players have Straight, the winning will belong to who has the bigger value cards. 

– Three of a kind: If your cards combine with the cards on the table and have three cards that are the same value, it’s called three of a kind. If 2 players have three of a kind, the victory will be decided by the remaining cards. 

– Two pairs: It means your combination has two pairs like 8-8 and 4-4. If 2 players have two pairs that are not the same, the winning will belong to who has the bigger pair. However, if there are two pairs of the same high, the two low pairs will be considered, if it is the same, the 5th card will be considered.

– Pair: It means your combination has a pair. A Poker hand always has 5 cards, 3 rest cards is called kickers. If 2 players have the same pair, the winning will belong to who has the biggest kickers. 

– High card: If you don’t have any pair, you should observe carefully to find where the highest cards that you have. If 2 players don’t have pair or better, in this case who have the biggest card, that wins. 


When you are here, it means our introduction ends. Above is the knowledge about the rules and the ways to play Poker in online casino and offline casino. Through this, we hope you know what Poker is and its rules as well as know what rounds bet, what the community is, etc. 

It seems like a fairly simple game but don’t let its appearance fool you. If you participate in the game, you will see how complicated it is, the reason why the inexperienced players often losing all their money very quickly. So to be able to master the way of playing poker, you should refer to the article about Poker strategy or participate in Poker online tournaments to gain experience.  Good luck!

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