Prediction Brest vs Auxerre – 12/2/2019 Football Betting Tips

Although the attack is playing under the power but defeating Brest is not easy. With the current poor form, Auxerre has no door to bring 3 points.


Asian handicap : 2.03*0.5*1.87

Brest, the second Ligue 2 ranked team, will meet Auxerre, who is tasting the 12th on the way to play in Ligue 1 next season. Looking at the performance of the two teams recently, the home team will have to be very difficult if they want to win 3 points. The visitors are not weak and they will play hard, but that is not enough.

They are having a successful season in Ligue 2 when they have a great chance to get back to Ligue 1, having a relatively good match when they won 3, drew 3 in their last 6 games. Welcoming Auxerre in the late game 24, the home team has the opportunity to increase the gap with the team ranked 3rd is Lorient to 6 points, thereby trying to solidify their 2nd position.

Brest’s recent victories have become much more difficult. They proved deadlocked in finishing the match. The draws also appear more.
The cause of the achievement is not really good is the ineffective combat. The creativity of this team’s midfield is being questioned.
Brest  can compete very firmly and rhythmically in the yard. But when attacking, everything is completely different. The closer you get to the opponent’s penalty area, the more deadlock becomes.

They control the ball a lot, but the effect is inadequate. The strikers are almost lost in the defense because they don’t get good support. Therefore, Brest needs to quickly regain strength if he does not want to be defeated in big confrontations.

The bright spot is always the ability to protect their goal is maintained from the beginning of the season. At my mecca, once I let Brest ahead, everything seemed to be over.

On the other side of the battle line, the weakness returned to Auxerre after a short period of time. Only encounter two teams at the bottom of the table is Nancy vs Red Star but they can only win 1 point. Their confrontation record with the Brest home team was also not good when they lost 2 and drew 2 in the last 3 games.

The dealer odds of 0.5 to favor the Brest home team, with this score a draw will win the bet player on Auxerre but this score is unlikely. It is likely that the Brest home team will have their own win, even though it is difficult, placing Brest gates will bring greater victory to the players.

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Odds Over/Under : 1.90*2-2.5*1.96

With the goal that the house is given is 2-2.5, the player will have a higher winning rate if choosing the Under door. That’s because the recent matches between the two teams are not much and because Auxerre will actively play closely to wait for a chance to counterattack. Picking Under is a better choice for players.

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First half odd bet:2.07*0-0.5*1.76

The home team will win but it will not be easy, the visiting team Auxerre will play proactive defense. Most likely the half will end without either side scoring the goal. With a odds of 0-0.5 in favor of Brest, players choose Auxerre to have a bigger chance of winning.

Predicting Lineups:

Brest: Larsonneur (GK), Weber, Belaud, Faussurier, Bernard, Leon, Autret, Court, Belkebla, Diallo, Charbonnier

Auxerre: Michel (GK), Tacalfred, Arcus, Bôt, Souprayen, Feret, Adeoti, Toure, Philippoteaux, Mancini, Dugimont

Prediction Full Time : Brest 1 – 0 Auxerre ( Brest and Under)

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