Prediction Cruzeiro vs Lara – 28/3/2019 Football Betting Tips

In the Copa Libertadores Group B this year, Cruzeiro seems to be far superior to the rest. Most likely, Lara will be the next champion of the representative from Brazil.

Prediction Cruzeiro vs Lara - 28/3/2019 Football Betting Tips
Prediction Cruzeiro vs Lara – 28/3/2019 Football Betting Tips

Asian Handicap:1.20*2/2.5*0.73

Since the Copa Libertadores championship in 1997, Cruzeiro has many times seem to have reached the prestigious silver trophy but eventually they have to miss an appointment. This season, “Foxes” are very determined for the highest position and the power they have shown right in the first match.

Cruzeiro had a minimal victory over the stunned opponent CA Huracan in the first round, thereby earning 3 points, temporarily leading the Group B. The results partly reflect their ability and power. currently in the playground of South America.

Cruzeiro’s form is very high when they have been unbeaten for 6 consecutive games, including 14 goals and only conceding 1 goal. Their strength is too terrible. Only having to welcome the weaker team at Deportivo Lara at home, the expert said that this would be an easy match for Cruzeiro.

On the other side of the front line, Deportivo Lara only had a goalless draw at home to Emelec. Although this is not a bad result for a representative of the football industry is not very developed in the region. Experts said that the opportunity for Deportivo Lara to compete with its next ticket is very difficult. Therefore, having to make guests on the upcoming Cruzeiro will be a challenge that will not be easy for Deportivo Lara in the second game of Group B.

Cruzeiro itself with his very high performance will approach the game with a strong and decisive mind. Target 3 points, even 3 points difference will be the motivation for them to rush up from the beginning and cover the opponent. As long as there is an early goal, Cruzeiro will surely have a good match and not let the opponent get a chance to create a surprise.

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Prediction Cruzeiro vs Lara - 28/3/2019 Football Betting Tips1
Prediction Cruzeiro vs Lara – 28/3/2019 Football Betting Tips

Odds Over/Under: 1.01 * 2.5 / 3 * 0.78

This is the first time the two teams meet each other due to playing in 2 different tournaments. But with having to march to Brazil with poor performance and inferior force, Lara’s goal is to limit the least goals.

But with the advantage of being able to play on Mineirao home and quality players, it is difficult for Lara players to preserve their net for too long. With a 2.5 / 3 odds, players should choose Under door as the best option.

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Prediction Cruzeiro vs Lara - 28/3/2019 Football Betting Tips2
Prediction Cruzeiro vs Lara – 28/3/2019 Football Betting Tips

First half odd bet:* 1 / 1.5 *

With the advantages available, the Cruzeiro players will not hesitate to play immediately after the opening whistle. So after the first 45 minutes, at least the homeowners will get 1 goal.

First half odds over/under bet:0.69*1*0*-0.81

Predicting Lineups:

Cruzeiro: Fabio, Cerqueira, Leo, Edilson, Egidio, Romero, Henrique, Rodriguinho, Robinho, Rafinha, Fred.

Deportivo Lara: Carlos Salazar, Daniel Carrillo, Marcos Miers, Jefre Vargas, Giácomo di Giorgi, David Centeno, Jorge Yriarte, Johan Arrieche, Gonzalo Di Renzo, Lorenzo Frutos, Freddy Vargas

Prediction Full Time : Cruzeiro 4-1 Lara (choose Cruzeiro and Under)

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