Prediction De Graafschap vs NAC Breda – 2/2/2019 Football Betting Tips

The match between the two teams that are ranked at the bottom of the rankings is De Graafschap and NAC Breda, which will be very attractive because both teams are in need of points in the relegation battle.

De Graafschap vs NAC Breda

Asian handicap : 2.07*0-0.5*1.84

The performance of De Graafschap over the past time is very bad. This team has consistently failed to get good results.In the last 10 matches, De Graafschap has lost 7 matches. They only have 1 win and 2 draws. Although he has just won a recent victory at home but in the last 5 matches at home, De Graafschap has lost 3 matches and drew 1 match.  This team is not only weak in defense but also ineffective in attacking ability. De Graafschap is currently the team to concede the second most in the Dutch league.

Meanwhile, NAC Breda’s performance is also not good, NAC Breda ranks right on De Graafschap and the indicators are a bit better than De Graafschap.

. This team is still suffering a lot of losing matches.In the last 10 matches against De Graafschap, NAC Breda won 6 matches, drew 1 match and lost only 3 matches, this team is quite a rival against De Graafschap.

Undeniably NAC Breda has made certain progress recently. Therefore, their resistance will definitely be stronger. De Graafschap has not shown signs of booming since the beginning of the season, so it is difficult to wait for this team to win easily when the opponent is equal. Meanwhile with the NAC Breda, the last time they played well was interrupted by the holiday, which is still starting slowly in 2019. The Breda NAC’s chance of winning is similar to the opponent.

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De Graafschap vs NAC Breda1

Odds Over/Under:1.97*2.5-3*1.89

NAC Breda, though not booming in the past time, but meeting the opponent who has the worst defensive defense in the tournament, is also a good chance for NAC Breda to take advantage and look for goals. Determination is what NAC Breda owns, they will do their best for 3 points in full. So trust the visitors to score more than 1 goal.

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De Graafschap vs NAC Breda2

First half odds bet : 1.71*0*2.13

When the pair is equal in the first 45 minutes, practically equal to each other, try to put luck into the lower door with a greater return for the reckless. Experts believe that NAC Breda will create its advantages.

Predicting Lineups:

De Graafschap : Jurjus; Tutuarima, Van de Pavert, Straaiman, Owusu; Vet, Matusiwa, El Jebli; Burgzorg, Serrarens, Narsingh.

NAC Breda : Van Leer; Van Aanholt, Mets, Koch, Klomp, Karami; Verschueren, Nijholt, Korte; Rosheuvel, Lundqvist.

Prediction Full Time : De Graafschap 2-2 NAC Breda (NAC Breda and Over)

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