Prediction Dortmund vs Hannover – 26/01/2019 Football Betting Tips

After a series of difficult rounds in the Bundesliga, Dortmund could be relieved this weekend when the only players are Hannover guests who are struggling in the crisis.

Prediction Dortmund vs Hannover - 26/01/2019 Football Betting Tips

Asian Handicap :2.06*2-2.5*1.87:

Dortmund still dominate the Bundesliga standings with a 6-point difference from Bayern Munich after 18 rounds. In the next round of matches, the team of gold and black jerseys will only have to welcome the last representative of Hannover at home.

In the last match, Dortmund beat Leipzig with the minimum score to help them get 3 points in total while extending their winning streak to 4 consecutive matches in every arena. Thus, in the total of 12 matches played, the Ruhr team brought about 10 victories all and only one shot was correct. In particular at the Bundesliga, in the last 10 rounds, Dortmund have also won 8 times.

Meanwhile, Hannover 96 is also playing well again after the deviations from the beginning of the season. After 18 Bundesliga rounds, 22 times they managed to get the ball into the net.

However, there are also 25 times this team conceded. In the previous 10 matches against Berlin, seven Schalke matches scored goals. Among them, there are 6 matches they scored from 2 goals or more into the opponent’s net. In my last 10 matches, there were 9 times they scored goals. Among them, there are 5 times they only scored 1 goal in the opponent’s net. Meanwhile, there are also 9/10 matches they conceded with 5 of them, conceding 2 goals or more. Away, there are 8/10 matches this team has a table.

However, most of them only scored 1 goal per game. Meanwhile, there are 6 closest matches in this away game they conceded.

The big difference between the two teams at the moment makes this match very difficult to happen unexpectedly. Dortmund with the current form and the desire to win a title at the end of the season is not allowed to play in matches like this.

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Prediction Dortmund vs Hannover - 26/01/2019 Football Betting Tips1

Odds Over/Under :1.91*3.5*1.99:

Dortmund can carry the burden of bringing the victory to this match? In the last 4 matches against Hannover, they scored no more than 2 goals per game. The last 6 matches they played stopped at the close results, and only one match in the match Dortmund scored 3 goals. It seems that the home team has begun to calculate and consider the gameplay every time it takes advantage of victory.

There is no need for Dortmund to win a too big victory, to keep the key for the more important fronts later.

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Prediction Dortmund vs Hannover - 26/01/2019 Football Betting Tips2

First half odds bet :2.08*1*1.79:

Struggling with Hannover in the first 45 minutes is not too difficult. At least Dortmund will score 1 goal. Let’s wait for the boom to be maintained so that the door to victory is complete in both competitions.

Predicting Lineups:

Dortmund: Burki Roman, Diallo Abdou, Hakimi Achraf, Piszczek Lukasz, Schmelzer Marcel, Sancho Jadon, Witsel Axel, Delaney Thomas, Gotze Mario, Alcacer Paco, Wolf Marius.

Hannover : Esser Michael, Albornoz Miiko, Anton Waldemar, Sorg Oliver, Wimmer Kevin, Bakalorz Marvin, Schwegler Pirmin, Walace, Weydandt Hendrik, Wood Bobby, Haraguchi Genki

Prediction Full Time : Dortmund 3-0 Hannover ( Dortmund and Under)

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