Prediction Huesca vs Eibar – 24/4/2019 Football Betting Tips

Determined to avoid relegation, and with the home advantage, Huesca is seeking a victory in tonight’s match hosting Eibar.

Prediction Huesca vs Eibar – 24/4/2019 Football Betting Tips
Prediction Huesca vs Eibar – 24/4/2019 Football Betting Tips

Asian Handicap : 0.91*0*0.84

For Huesca alone, their journey in La Liga after a season has come to the final stage. So far, after 33 rounds, they had only 26 points, the gap from the safe group is now up to 8 points. Under the condition that there are only 5 rounds until the season comes to an end, the probability for Huesca to remain in the highest league in Spain is almost impossible. Because after the tonight’s match with Eibar, they will be facing big names in the Spanish league. In short, fans can see that these are Villarreal, Valencia, and Betis. So in the next few days will be the last days for Huesca to say goodbye to the highest level tournament in the country. Back to this mid-week, Huesca will host Eibar. In this 2018/2019 season, Eibar may not be as uncomfortable as in previous seasons but before an opponent who has to be called very weak like Huesca, the visitors can completely find a win or at least one. draw. Because anyway, for Eibar, a draw will suffice as they are currently ranked 13th place – a very secured position for next season.

However, Eibar, although they have been out of motivation this season, but having a trip to Huesca’s field promises to be very exciting. Because of the last encounter between the two teams, Huesca defeated the Eibar himself at the away field with a score of 1-2. Therefore, this can be considered as a debt collection match of the visitors. At the same time, in the distant past, in the 2008/2009 season, Eibar was defeated at Huesca’s home ground. Of course, then Eibar reclaimed that debt at his home yard. But with the current strength of the visitors, a victory like the past is very unlikely for Huesca.

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Prediction Huesca vs Eibar – 24/4/2019 Football Betting Tips
Prediction Huesca vs Eibar – 24/4/2019 Football Betting Tips

Odds Over/Under: 0.98*2.5-3*0.92

Although Eibar is more appreciated than its competitors, Eibar has not really gained confidence for its fans. By following statistics from’s experts, in Eibar’s last 10 away games, they only know about draw and lose. Specifically, in 10 competitions away from home, Eibar had only 6 draws, the rest were 4 losses. Therefore, it is possible that the winning rate of the away team is yes but not high.

Notably, SD Huesca has a not so bad performance at the moment when he has been unbeaten in the last 4 games – in which they have clashed with top leaders Barcelona. Especially, SD Huesca has just lost 2, 2 and won 9 of the last 13 matches. In contrast to the home team, Eibar is the blacklisted name of the investors. In detail, Eibar just lost 2 draws in the last 3 rounds in La Liga. In addition, in the last three official matches, Eibar has had two defeats against SD Huesca.

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First Half Odd Bet: 0.98*0*0.88

With the home advantage and determination to win the match to pay tribute to the fans, it’s the home team that’s believed to claim 3 points in this match.

First Half Odds Over/Under: 0.84*1-1.5*0.74

– Huesca drew in all 4 recent matches.

– Eibar had 2 defeats in 3 recent matches.

– Huesca had 3 wins in 5 recent matches.

Predicting Lineups:

Huesca: Santamaria, Galan, Pulido, Etxeita, Miramon, Herrera, Gomez, Avila, Melero, Ferreiro, Gallego.

Eibar: Dmitrovic, Angel, Alvarez, Oliveira, Blasis, Orellana, Escalante, Jordan, Cucurella, Enrich, Cardona.

Prediction Full-Time: Huesca 2-1 Eibar (choose Huesca and Over)

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