Prediction Hull vs Rotherham – 13/1/2019 Football Betting Tips

With home advantage, Hull players are very confident in a win in the match tonight. Failure is a prediction for Rotherham.

Prediction Hull vs Rotherham - 13/1/2019 Football Betting Tips

Asian handicap : 1.73*0.5*2.16

Loose defenses are making Hull’s recent successes quite modest. They entered too hastily with the desire to strike first on the enemy.

However, when the attack plans have not been effective, this team has to pay the price. Competing in a preceded situation is really difficult. It’s easy to understand because they have to be independent and do not have too many choices in the processing phases. After that, Hull even had to continue to get more bitter fruit.

In their mecca, their performances are completely different. More confident, more effective and much more dangerous. In particular, the victories are always convincing in both public and defense.

On the other side of the front line, Rotherham is really the weak all-round. Regardless of whether it is on the away field or the home ground, this team is playing very passively. This adds up to the underlying sentiment that makes things quickly out of their control.

This team played without any clear identity and tactics. Because of that, they were caught up in the intention that the enemy had arranged beforehand. There aren’t any strong enough resistance.

Rotherham’s visitors are only ranked 21st in the rankings. Rotherham’s performances are very poor when there are six recent matches that only draw and lose, including four defeats

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Prediction Hull vs Rotherham - 13/1/2019 Football Betting Tips2

Odds Over/Under : 1.68*2-2.5*2.18

With confidence when there is a home ground, the fact that Hull has scored many goals is not surprising. The reality in previous battles proved.

Expert said, the host’s defense is also quite solid.
With today’s low rate, even though Rotherham can’t fire, his ability to Under door blast is still very high.

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Prediction Hull vs Rotherham - 13/1/2019 Football Betting Tips3

First half odd bet : 2.34*0.5*1.6

Hull often kicks well in front of lower-tier opponents, but they need more than 45 minutes to neutralize the opponent’s stubbornness. There will be 1 draw after the first 45 minutes.

Predicting Lineups:

Hull City: Marshall, Lichaj, Wijs, Elphick, Burke, Grosicki, Irvine, Batty, Bowen, Martin, Campbell.

Rotherham: Rodak, Mattock, Robertson, Wood, Jones, Ajayi, Taylor, Forde, Crooks, Vaulks, Smith.

Prediction Full Time : Hull 1-0 Rotherham ( Choose Hull and Under)

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