Prediction Nurnberg vs Dortmund – 19/2/2019 Football Betting Tips

After a disappointing match, Dortmund will have the opportunity to regain their spirit with a remarkable victory on their trip to Nurnberg in the Bundesliga round 22

Prediction Nurnberg vs Dortmund - 19/2/2019 Football Betting Tips

Asian handicap : 1.98*1.25*1.97

21 rounds passed, Nurnberg FC only won 12 points. With a weak face, Nurnberg must accept his current board position. Coach and coach Michael Köllner only won two matches in the Bundesliga this season.

With 13 defeats, Nurnberg is becoming the best candidate for the relegation of the German football league. Nurnberg FC’s recent form is too bad when they lose consecutively.

On the other side of the front line, Dortmund are still at the top of the table with 50 points earned after 21 rounds. However, the difference from Bayern is only 2 points, although it is less than 1 round. So, Favre teachers and teachers need to be alert to continue to strengthen their leading position in this year’s Bundesliga championship race. And their most practical goal just now was still a brutal victory over Nurnberg in the upcoming game.
In the last match, Dortmund fell to Tottenham on Wembley in a round of 1/8 Champions League. Accordingly, in all four matches, Dortmund have not won any victories, including two draws in the Bundesliga. This result caused Dortmund to fall into a very disadvantageous situation while pushing Favre’s teachers’ desire to win. In terms of both class and current performance, Dortmund is at the top of the table compared to Nurnberg. Lucien Favre’s side will likely have an easy victory at Grundig.

Meanwhile, Nurnberg is still reeling from the crisis. After 21 rounds, Nurnberg is still standing in the bottom of the table with his 12 little points. In terms of form, throughout the 10 matches played, Nurnberg has not once had the pleasure of winning, including 8 defeats and 2 draws.

In the Bundesliga alone, for 15 consecutive rounds, Schommers teachers and students were all in harmony and lost. With a poor performance along with a bad team in both strength and depth, Nurnberg is really going to fail in this welcome game.

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Prediction Nurnberg vs Dortmund - 19/2/2019 Football Betting Tips1
Prediction Nurnberg vs Dortmund – 19/2/2019 Football Betting Tips

Odds Over/Under : 1.95*3*1.95

Dortmund’s strikers possess amazing achievements this season. After 21 Bundesliga matches, Dortmund FC have scored 54 goals. They ranked second in the line with Bayern Munich 7 goals. On average, a match of coach Lucien Favre’s players can score up to 2.57 goals.

As for Nurnberg, the team’s defense has conceded 46 times, losing the winning score of 29, which is one of the three most-conceded teams in the Bundesliga. The weakness of Nurnberg defense will be difficult to stand against Dortmund’s overwhelming attack. So, even though it is impossible to get the service of striker Marco Reus, the trip at Nurnberg promises to be a multi-goal match for Dortmund.

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Prediction Nurnberg vs Dortmund - 19/2/2019 Football Betting Tips2
Prediction Nurnberg vs Dortmund – 19/2/2019 Football Betting Tips

First half odd bet : 1.97*0.5*1.88

The best in the Bundesliga this season against the weakest players, this match is likely to have a goal from the first half.

Predicting Lineups :

Nurnberg: Mathenia, Valentini, Ewerton, Leibold, Muhl, Behrens, Rhein, Palacios, Zrelak, Pereira, Knoll.

Dortmund: Burki, Toprak, Diallo, Hakimi, Zagadou, Witsel, Delaney, Gotze, Dahoud, Pulisic, Sancho.

Prediction Full Time : Nurnberg 1 – 3 Dortmund (Choose Dortmund and Over)

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