Prediction Paris vs Lorient – 16/4/2019 Football Betting Tips

With the home advantage and better form, Paris is seeking a solid victory hosting Lorient in tonight’s match.

Prediction Paris vs Lorient – 16/4/2019 Football Betting Tips
Prediction Paris vs Lorient – 16/4/2019 Football Betting Tips

Asian Handicap : 0.84*0-0.5*0.76

In the 32rd round, Paris FC is working hard to keep the fourth place in the Ligue 2 league table, when a series of names like Lorient or Lens are scrambling to push Baždarević and his teachers out of the top 5. That’s a huge challenge for This team, especially at the time of the season, is entering a decisive stage. However, the French football team is still showing unbelievably stability. Statistics in the last 5 rounds, Paris FC lost 1 match and won 10 points. Counter-attack tactic was shown by the owners of Sébastien-Charléty quite smoothly, when after five rounds, Paris FC conceded only once.

Paris FC and Lorient are equalizers when they are both in the top 5 – the group gets promoted to play off. Objectively, Paris FC is a team that is slightly better appreciated by experts when they play at home in the first match tonight. But the chance of Paris FC losing points is still there. Previously, they just lost to Sochaux in the last game. At home matches, Paris FC had only 2 wins in the last 7 games in the league.

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Prediction Paris vs Lorient – 16/4/2019 Football Betting Tips1
Prediction Paris vs Lorient – 16/4/2019 Football Betting Tips

Odds Over/Under: 0.98*1.5-2*0.92

Meanwhile, Lorient is over the moon as they just won 3 points against Beziers. In addition, they have also had a good record against Paris FC. Specifically, Lorient lost 1 match and won 2 consecutive times in the last 3 clashes with Paris FC in Ligue 2. If performing properly, coach Landreau’s players will confidently have points right at Sebastien-Charlety.

However, it’s the defense that’s worrying Lorient’s fans. In the last 5 matches, they had to concede 10 goals. Therefore, the visitors will be facing a lot of problems with the irritating attack of the home team. They also don’t have a good record playing away matches they lost in all 2 recent matches as visitors.

In terms of level, Paris is not really superior to Lorient. However, Coach Baždarević and his players often play with confidence at home. They were unbeaten in all 5 recent home matches. Silas Wamangituka is the brightest name in the home team. The 19-year-old striker had eight goals and one assist after 25 appearances since the start of the season, leading the scoring list for Paris. As such, that the home team will dominate right at the beginning of the match is predictable.

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Prediction Paris vs Lorient – 16/4/2019 Football Betting Tips2
Prediction Paris vs Lorient – 16/4/2019 Football Betting Tips

First Half Odd Bet: 0.88*0*0.76

In the last 4 home games, there were 3 games in which Parisian players had a goal in the first half. Considering the current form of both team, the similar scenario is likely to happen again and a victory for the home team is anticipated.

First Half Odds Over/Under: 0.89*0.5-1*0.77

– Lorient only had 1 win in 5 recent matches.

– Paris was unbeaten in 13/14 recent home matches.

– In 5 recent home matches, Paris conceded only 1 goal.  

Predicting Lineups:

Paris FC: De Marconnay, Yohou, Karamoko, Peraud, Kante, Nomenjanahary, Mandouki, N’Guessan, Pitroipa, Toure, Wamangituka.

Lorient: Meslier, Sainati, Saunier, Le Goff, Lemonie, Cabot, Etuin, Maurice, Wadja, Hamel, Wissa.

Prediction Full-Time : Paris 1-0 Lorient (choose Paris and Under)

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