Prediction Potosi vs Zulia – 20/3/2019 Football Betting Tips

Infront of  a Zulia for the first time participating in South America Super Cup, Potosi will surely make this young team extremely struggling, but when Mr. Stifano’s teachers do not have home advantage.

Prediction Potosi vs Zulia  - 20/3/2019 Football Betting Tips
Prediction Potosi vs Zulia – 20/3/2019 Football Betting Tips

Asian Handicap : 0.85*1.5/2*1.00

Potosi is one of the most familiar names in the South American club level two football tournament over the years. They defeated Fluminense, one of the region’s great men. Besides, it is impossible to forget the current impressive form of Mr. Illanes’s teachers and students.

In the last 5 games, Potosi is keeping a record of winning. It is easy to recognize the attack is the brightest point of this team, when in the 5 matches, Mr. Illanes’s teachers and students broke the net to 18 times. This will surely become a terror to Zulia’s defense in the next match.

In the Bolivian League last season, Nacional Potosi ranked seventh on the Average Rankings of the two systems of Torneo Apertura and Torneo Clausura. That was just enough for the Victor Agustin Ugarte stadium team to attend the Copa Sudamericana 2019. However, Nacional Potosi will have to play from the first qualifier and their opponent is Zulia, the team from Venezuela.

With his high form and home advantage, Nacional Potosi is completely confident in beating Zulia in the next match.

On the other side of the line with Zulia FC, despite their form in recent times, they are also impressed when they have won 6 of their last 10 matches but their capacity at the regional playing field is said to not be beaten. expensive. So, according to expert Bongdalu, before the uplifting Nacional Potosi this time will be a very difficult challenge for Zulia FC for its goal.

Receiving Zulia FC in the next home match Nacional Potosi is being judged to be much superior with the Asian starting rate of -1.5 / 2 showing their power and strength. at this time. This is understandable because not only is it highly professional, but also in terms of performance at the time of Nacional Potosi clearly excelling with recent unbeaten achievements when winning the last 8/10 matches. .

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Prediction Potosi vs Zulia  - 20/3/2019 Football Betting Tips1
Prediction Potosi vs Zulia – 20/3/2019 Football Betting Tips

Odds Over/Under: 0.82 * 2.5 / 3 * 1.02

The house number given at 2.5 / 3 seems a bit low for the current performance of the home team. Potosi’s Gongs were 22 times in the last 6 matches. Not to mention that the Zulia away team is always a potential opponent. Therefore, the match will end with many goals scored.

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Prediction Potosi vs Zulia  - 20/3/2019 Football Betting Tips2
Prediction Potosi vs Zulia – 20/3/2019 Football Betting Tips

First half odd bet:0.85 * 1 * 1.00

The home team Potosi has scored 5 goals in the last 3 innings. Meanwhile, the visitors’ team Zulia was unable to score in the first 45 minutes at the last three matches. The first half of the match tonight is expected to end with a 1 goal advantage for the home team Potosi.

First half odds over/under bet:-0.88*1*1.5*0.7

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Predicting Lineups:

Nacional Potosi: Ruth, Alaca, Galain, Gallegos, Reina, Salazar, Santos, Torres, Torrico, Velasco, Yecerotte.

Zulia FC: Vega, Martinez, Valdes, Cuevas, Guaycochea, Chirinos, Moreno, Romero, Carrero, Unrein, Bracho.

Prediction Full Time : Potosi 3-1 Zulia (choose Potosi and Over)

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