Prediction San Martin San Juan vs Boca Juniors – 1/2/2019 Football Betting Tips

SAlthough Boca Juniors did not achieve impressive performance in the past, he still had the strength to beat a underrated San Martin San Juan.

San Martin San Juan vs Boca Juniors

Asian Handicap : 1.84*0.5-1*2.07

Boca Juniors are showing signs of regaining their form in the Argentina league. Specifically, the army of coach G. Alfaro won 3 and only scored 1 match in the last 4 rounds. And with 10 points out of the 12 absolute points, Boca Juniors narrowed the gap with the Copa Libertadores to 5 points, but they are playing less than 2 matches. Returning to the 13th round match, Boca Juniors made an easy march to the San Martin San Juan’s field and it would come as no surprise if the representatives of Buenos Aires would have all 3 points.

Be aware, San Martin San Juan is in poor form when he only won 2, drew 1 and lost 5 matches in the last 8 rounds. From the beginning of the season until now, San Martin San Juan only won 4, drew 3 and lost to 8 games, thereby ranking 21th out of 26 teams participating. It should be noted, San Martin San Juan lost to 3 of the last 4 games against Boca Juniors.

On the rankings, the blue-and-black jersey team ranked 21, 5 points higher than the last team Argentinos Juniors (15 compared to 10). Of course, San Martin San Juan’s recent performance is not good, as shown by taking a maximum of 1/6 points in the past 2 rounds (0-1 Racing Club, 1-1 Banfield).

Through 6 guests from the beginning of the tournament, San Martin San Juan has tasted bitter fruit three times. Three recent encounters with Boca Juniors in the league, San Martin San Juan did not escape once, was torn all 7 times, scoring only 3 goals.

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San Martin San Juan vs Boca Juniors1

Odds Over/Under : 1.97*2-2.5*1.89

Both sides have overall performance since the beginning of the season of both are the main reasons that this game will not see many goals. The main game will be tilted towards Boca Juniors, but because the visitors are not always showing impressive faces in recent away matches, it is difficult to expect them to hit the net San Martin San Juan.

Of course, San Martin San Juan knows its position, knows what to do before a strong opponent. Once proactive defense, even the most impressive attacking teams must meet certain difficulties. Maybe San Martin San Juan could not stand the whole game, but at least they did not have to accept the losing scene at home.

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San Martin San Juan vs Boca Juniors2

First half odds bet:1.83*0-0.5*2

Boca Juniors wanted to win the first half, it could only count on the star’s bright moments. Placing the door on the winnings is quite risky, but it is also worth it if in a sudden moment the star team suddenly spoke up.

Predicting Lineups:

Prediction Full Time: San Martin San Juan 0-1 Boca Juniors ( Boca Juniors and Under)

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