Prediction Sandhausen vs Wiesbaden – 29/10/2019 Football Betting Tips

  • Asian Handicap: 0.91*0.5*0.99
  • Odds Over/Under: 0.97*3*0.93
  • First Half Odds Bet: 0.97*0/0.5*0.93
  • First Half Odds Over/Under: 0.98*1/1.5*0.86

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The unstable performance of SV Sandhausen in recent rounds makes the team leading by the group with a gap of 7 points. The result of a draw and a loss in the last 5 rounds has pushed Uwe Koschinat’s team to 13th place. However, expert Gogbetsg thinks that it will be easier for SV Sandhausen when their opponent is playing very badly – Wehen Wiesbaden.

This is clearly shown by the fact that Wehen Wiesbaden is at the bottom of the table with only 8 points after 10 rounds. But with the unbeaten record in all 3 recent rounds, including 2 victories, helping Rudiger Rehm and his students regain the trust of their fans. Therefore, the chance to win their points in the next match also becomes brighter.

Wehen Wiesbaden’s away matches are also showing very positive signs with the last 3/4 matches not conceding, but SV Sandhausen’s desire to win on the pitch at this time is also not simple, because coach Uwe Koschinat and his students are taking advantage of the home field when 4 times visited recently won 2 victories and have not suffered any defeat.

Historically, the two teams have had 7 confrontations with a fairly balanced result when each side has won 2 wins and a draw result, but with the absence of the league for 10 consecutive seasons and going down to play in the German third place has made Wehen Wiesbaden’s professional quality no longer highly appreciated when faced with SV Sandhausen. Therefore the handicap ½ goal that the home team is receiving also demonstrates the winning faith that experts have for Uwe Koschinat teachers and students.

Expert Gogbetsg said that the upcoming match between the two teams will be difficult to explode with over results when in the last 5 facings, there have been 4 matches ending with under results. Moreover, in the last 7 rounds of SV Sandhausen, only 1 match was able to explode over results, and all 3 recent rounds of Wehen Wiesbaden also ended without more than 3 goals scored.

With the odds that the house edge gives, Gogbetsg experts advise that players who bet for the SV Sandhausen will have a better chance of winning.

Prediction lineups: 

SV Sandhausen: Martin Fraisl, Aleksandr Zhirov, Leart Paqarada, Gerrit Nauber, Dennis Diekmeier, Denis Linsmayer, Robin Scheu, Erik Zenga, Julius Biada, Kevin Behrens, Aziz Bouhaddouz.

Wehen Wiesbaden: Heinz Lindner, Niklas Dams, Jakov Medic, Sascha Mockenhaupt, Sebastian Mrowca, Michel Niemeyer, Marcel Titsch Rivero, Moritz Kuhn, Maximilian Dittgen, Stefan Aigner, Manuel Schäffler.

Prediction Full-Time: 2 – 1 (Choose SV Sandhausen and Under)