Prediction Setubal vs Belenenses – 12/2/2019 Football Betting Tips

Portugal’s national championship between Setubal vs Belenenses, welcomes guests who are ranked above 5 steps but Setubal is fully able to retain 1 point right on his home ground, because in addition to the home ground, the true Belenenses subordination to the owner of Setubal.


Asian handicap : 1.92*0-0.5*1.97

8 points, and the 4-rank gap on BXH is what Setubal has more than the visitors before this game takes place. Both are holding temporary positions considered safe in the middle group, however they all have certain goals to fight for 3 points. With Belenenses, they want to get closer to the 5th position. As for Setubal, if they do not win more points, it is likely that the visitors will fall into the group holding red lights if the bad performance is still maintained.

Still a result of Nacional’s match in the last round, Vitoria Setubal is continuing to sink in the ranking, It has been the 5th draw in the last 11 games and there has not been a victory in every arena of Lito Vidigal’s teachers and coaches, so the gap with the red light group is gradually narrowing to only 3 points.

The poor performance is so, but in terms of history, Vitoria Setubal is the dominant team with 4 wins, 5 draws and 1 defeat at 10 nearest clashes.

All three rounds failed to win, including the defeat against Moreirense, which left Belenense behind in the battle to win the European Cup next season. But in general, the performance of coach Silas is still quite stable when he has lost 5 matches since the beginning of the season, and all 3 matches lost in the last 10 matches in all competitions of Belenense are just before strong players like Porto and Sporting Lisbon.

Setubal was able to keep the score right on his home turf against the under-client team, Belenenses. With the latest developments in the trading market, the eating point for guests is increasing over time, indeed Belenenes is really unreliable in this match.

Ranked above the host to 5 places on the rankings but this does not mean that the Belenenses will have an easy match against the host, because the march to Setubal’s home ground, the guests are often more shy. No 3/4 quarter win on Setubal’s field is the clearest proof.

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Prediction Setubal vs Belenenses - 12/2/2019 Football Betting Tips1

Odds Over/Under : 1.88*2*1.98

The matches between Setubal and Belenenses often closed without many goals being scored.

Besides, Setubal did not want to lose more, so it would be a sure defensive kick in most of the time. Belenenses did not need to win because the position was safe. The visitors did not make much effort to penetrate the opponent’s net. 1 draw is enough for Belenenses.

Thus, even if the goal is only 2 goals this match, but the ability to Over door have a chance to win is quite low.

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Prediction Setubal vs Belenenses - 12/2/2019 Football Betting Tips3

First half odd bet : 2.29*0-0.5*1.63

As mentioned about how to play as well as the purpose of both, they will join together for sure. Neither side can rush, neither side is too superior, so a 1-digit draw is the most ideal right now.

Predicting Lineups :

Vitoria Setubal: Figueiredo, Mano, Dankler, Fernandes, Silvio, Zequinha, Mikel Agu, Valente, Bessa, Mendy, Cadiz.

Belenense: Muriel, Cleylton, Tomas, Sasso, Bergdich, Viana, Santos, Henrique, Gomes, Henrique Almeida, Lica.

Prediction Full Time : Setubal 1-0 Belenenses ( Setubal and Under)

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