Real Madrid vs Vallecano – 16/12/2018 – Free Football Betting Tips

There is no better chance for Real Madrid to regain their face by welcoming Vallecano on their home field. They are having a very good performance in La Liga. This is not a hard enough challenge for them.


Asian Handicap: 2.05*2.5*1.88

Just putting these two names together, there is probably no need to think much about which team will win after 90 minutes at the Bernabeu. The only issue to consider here is that the bet is relatively big, so whether the Over hold by Real Madrid is enough convince.

Before losing to CSKA in Bernabeu, Real Madrid was in good form with 6/7 wins in every arena. But in reality, these victories are not so impressive, not destructive victories because their rivals vultures are all big names.

Losing 0-3 is the biggest worry and also the reason why the chance of winning for Over this time is questionable.

However, Vallecano is not CSKA. Vallecano is at the bottom of La Liga chart. The way to get them out of the red light group is extremely hard, which means it’s unlikely for them to continue to play in La Liga. This team is really puzzled fot stepping on this trip.

Real Madrid may not be at their peak of form to beat down Vallecano. The home side has absolutely a right to fotget the midweek defeat, as it has nothing to do with their score and position in the Champions League. It is true that Solari’s army has many problems, but compared to Vallecano, they are still too strong.

The closest match had to make it as a visitor at the Bernabeu, Vallecano let their net shake up to 10 times. In the last eight matches against the champions of the European champions, not once the net of the visitors did not shake less than 2 times. In just four games, Real Madrid have scored 22 goals, a giant number, enough to bring victory to the Over on the next match.

Trust in the Over is still having some risks, but this risk will be paid off. Real Madrid want to take back their image, nothing better than to win this match, or else it would not be enough to make their fans happy.

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Real Madrid vs Vallecano – 16/12/2018 - Free Football Betting Tips

Over/Under: 2.04*4*1.85

The four-point benchmark is a real big number. Maybe it depends a lot on the resistance of the visitors. However, when striker No. 1 Raul de Tomas could not be involved in this match because of the signed contract, Vallecano lacked of a quality attack to insist Real Madrid.

Thus, only the home team will decide who win this match. Real Madrid has enough power to burn up to 4, 5 goals into the net of Vallecano. But perhaps not at the present time when the team has a lot of problems, and maybe should not wait for a destructive victory.

Real Madrid vs Vallecano – 16/12/2018 - Free Football Betting Tips1

First half Over/Under: 1.86*1*1.99

The big difference between the two teams makes Real Madrid more likely the dominant in the first 45 minutes. Of course, in order to score more than one goal when the opponent chooses a defending strategy is a complex challenge. At least Real is a quite safe choice for over, more reasonable than a draw or a shock that Vallecano can create

Full match prediction: Real Madrid 3-0 Vallecano (Real Madrid và Over)

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