Story From A Fish Game Gambling Master


“First I Started With Just A Dollar…”

Eric Chu, which is so-called skinner999xx, a successful Singaporean fish table game expert, shared his story and has inspired million of people to start playing this interesting game.

He said that it was a sad story. Back in 2012, he was fired from his job and his girlfriend left him for another guy. He started to drink a lot, losing himself with alcohol and smokes for 4 months. One day, he decided to change and do something different.

“So I passed an interview, that evening, I went to a mall to buy new clothes for work, didn’t know that that day would change my life”.

When he walked pass the arcade, he went in to play some games just to entertain. He buy coin which worth $1, tried to play fish shooting machine to get some more and soon he realize he is very good at it.

That Day Changed His Entire Life

“So when I went home, I couldn’t stop thinking about that, you know, at least I am good at something, not just boring office work.”

An idea came to his mind, he immediately searched for the game in the internet. A whole new world appear, millions of people are playing it, at their home and make real money. That night, he won SG $300, which is a big amount at the time.

The next day, he decided not to go to his new job. His family, his friends, everyone thought that he was crazy. But he made them changed their mind.

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“It’s not always winning, it’s a process”

The 8th day, he started to lose. As if it was the end of his luck but no, he realized his skills are getting better and he won coins again.

“I continued to play for a while and have a quite good monthly income now, I do notice that my skills are all improved. it’s not a natural thing, I practiced, practiced a lot everyday”.

Eric Chu is only one of Gogbet Singapore is fish table game experts, and we notice that they have one common thing, they practice a lot. Also, we are giving out free trial, so why not challenge your shooting skills?

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