Instructions Table Tennis Betting At Online Bookmakers

What Is Table Tennis Betting?

Table tennis betting is understood as a form of betting on the odds offered by the bookie for the table tennis sport. As usual, a table tennis match will last for 5 games, the team that wins 3 games will win. Each table tennis game hit the threshold of 11 points. In game 3 of the table tennis match will usually determine win or lose. The winner is 2 points away from the losing team.

Table Tennis Score Calculation

In each first game, if the individual or team reaches 11 points first, that team will win. Table tennis players when serving must perform from an open palm. One person gets the serve twice. When the tee ball has to touch the server’s table, bouncing the ball and then jumping over the grid to the opponent’s side is considered a valid serve.

In the 5-match round, the two teams took turns to change the playground and serve. This helps to ensure fairness of participation in the match. In case the game decides to win or lose, players will swap positions after either side has reached 5 points.

Characteristics in the match, the score between the two teams must be at least 2 goals to accept the result. If the two teams tie, there will be an extra round of serve and play until there is a 2 point difference. If the score is 11 – 10, teams have another serve to continue play until there is a difference.

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Types Of  Table Tennis Odds

  • Handicap : This betting is based on the final score of the match. When the match is about to begin, the bookie will offer the odds for the player to place the bet. Usually bookmakers will assign between 1.5 and 2.5. The odds offered depend on the two teams that played that day.
  • Total match points: Also known as Over / Under. Players bet according to the total number of games in the entire match. This number is fixed by the bookie, if the player chooses higher than the number of the dealer then bet Over, the lower bet Under.
  • Odd / Even: Player bets by predicting whether the number of wins is even or odd. These types of bets usually have low odds due to their simple calculation and high odds of winning. Some of the big bookmakers use this form of betting and Gogbetsg is one of them.
  • Match Correct Score: This is the betting format with the highest odds of any other bet. If choosing this bet type, players need to correctly predict the score or score of specific events. This is not easy for players. However, the more difficult it is to attract attention and make it interesting in betting. Many players choose this betting option because of its drama.

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Things Players Need To Know When Betting Table Tennis

  • Find out about tournaments you want to bet on:

Depending on the tournament big or small, the atmosphere of the match will be stressful or comfortable. The Olympics or World Championships often feature professional players, so more stakes are expected. However, players need to consider carefully, considering which team is capable of winning. For safety, players should choose a betting option by means of a handicap bet.

  • Select odds:

Players should not think that choosing a dealer with high odds is good, there are many other factors around to be aware of. Remember, having high returns is risky. The player should choose the right odds and it is important that the supplier is reputable, quality and safe.

  • The way the player plays

The style of play is also a factor in determining the odds of winning a match. Players need to pay attention to this issue. This is also one of the important information that contributes to a player’s bet increasing the odds of winning.


Table tennis is also a sport that many players around the world take notice and include in online betting Singapore. The online bookmaker has a strength in providing sports betting with undisputed quality and credibility. Players can choose Gogetsg as a place to place their bets, in Singapore, Gogbetsg is an online casino that offers players more chances to win. Gogbetsg has a strong point in sports betting. Those who love this form of betting should not miss GogbetSG agent betting.

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