The Best Solution When Having A Winning TOTO Ticket IN Your Hand

The Best Solution When Having A Winning TOTO Ticket IN Your Hand

Hong Bao Draw is held on 7/2/2020 which is one of the traditional activities of Singaporeans every year. Thousands of players including Singaporeans or foreigners  are hoping to become millionaires overnight. Therefore, this activity has become one of the most exciting and expected activities of the year.

As other countries that have the Chinese New Year, Singaporeans also want a lucky New Year without unlucky things and losing money. Therefore, they abstain from many things to get better in their new year. We will be very happy to buy “hope”. This is the reason. 

Maybe you don’t know that the winning odds of this event is extremely low, from 1 to 14,000,000. At the moment, there is an easier way to win quickly (from 1 to 240,000) than getting the first reward. Obviously, it’s easier to get the victory at lower rewards Group. Your chances of winning are about 1.9% if you only buy one ticket.

However, have you ever wondered what happens when you have a winning TOTO ticket? Let’s read this article to get more experience for your way!

One Of The Unluckiest Things That You Could Be Faced Is Finding Winning TOTO.

If you are extremely lucky when having a winning ticket, finding a winning ticket will become one of the worst things that you have seen. The fact that if you leave that ticket without touching, you can be better. 

Although HongBao Draw is an  incredible event, there are no problems displayed on the quick search of Google. This shows Singapore Pools is quite plain in these incidents during the event. The Singapore Pools also talked about what happened in 2015, when a maid made $2.3 million in Singapore Sweep. They had a statement that their ticket was a bearer ticket – it is like cash, impossible of any writing on it or making anything. They weren’t responsible for considering who the ticket belongs to according to the privacy policy. The employees will not be allowed to review or extract sales transaction records. Therefore, they will pay prizes to the winning ticket holder within 180 days

Basically, anyone who has a ticket will receive the rewards – it’s called a bearer ticket. That is synonymous with a winning ticket, kept by 1 person and it is considered as cash. It may be your strategy if you keep it. However,  this means that it is a unlegal thing and you can be considered a thief. 

toto ticket

To make it easier to understand, this is like you randomly find money on the street and keep it with you. It is okay to be a good person, not greedy, to return the money to the rightful owner. But this woman picked up a pocket, took $20,602 and tried to withdraw all of the money in an account worth $6,220. Because of this wrongdoing, she was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison for appropriating property.

This shows that if you try to find the winning TOTO ticket, you will be considered a stealer even if you do not have that intention. Of course, if you’re lucky, the person who lost the winning ticket doesn’t accuse you, you won’t be arrested. But it’s imposible. 

The Maid Was Criminally Charged With Thieving A $2.3 Million Singapore Sweep Winning Ticket. 

The information about a maid that was criminally charged with stealing $ 2.3 million in Singapore Sweep became famous in 2015. However, after investigating the incident, the police locked her account and found no wrongdoing. Therefore, the maid was deleted of the allegations. So where did police get information from this fraud? A citizen secretly denounced, claimed the stolen ticket and claimed ownership of that winning ticket. 

This incident has given us an experience that: if any wrongdoing is discovered or allegedly, the police will enter the investigation immediately. In the case that you withhold the prize money from the winning TOTO ticket found without reporting it, you may face many other serious consequences.

In general, no matter where you can find your winning ticket or how to get it, if you don’t honestly report it, you become a complete crime. Either way, don’t argue that “I picked it up, it’s mine”, because it’s not your money by nature.

The best thing you have to do in this situation is return the winning ticket you picked up to Singapore Pools. Hope you are always alert enough to make informed decisions, without making any mistakes that will affect your live bets. Please read this article and keep an honest mind without greed!