Introducing How To Play Three Card Poker At Online Casino.

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And today Gogbetsg will introduce the extremely attractive and interesting card game that is Three Card Poker. In order to have an easy way to play Three Card Poker online, we will share the following tips to help new players understand how to play as well as tips for the easiest way to win. Join Gogbetsg to follow the article below.

How To Play Three Card Poker

What Is The Three Card Poker?

Brazilian Cards is a game played with a 52-card deck that does not include Jokers. The object of the game is to compare the Banker’s hand with each Player hand, whichever is higher will win the same as Baccarat. The hand with more West cards wins, if the Banker and Player have the same number of West cards, the hand with more points wins. If both the number of West cards and the points are equal, it will be counted as a Draw. The suit of the cards does not count in this game, betting on the side with the higher hand combination in each game will win and receive a reward.

Each round in the Brazilian card will be dealt in the order of Player 1 – Player 2 – Player 3 – Banker. Each round of dealing face down, then will spread 3 cards inside the card box. The dealer will flip the cards after no more bets and proceed to compare the Player’s hand with the Banker’s hand, the bet with the highest ranking in each hand will win and receive payment.

Basic Rules of the Game

Rules of Deal

When the bet is completed successfully, the Dealer will deal a card in the top left corner, based on that card’s score, there will be a dealer order starting from the dealer clockwise. The covenant is as follows:

  • If that first card is A,6,J the order of dealing is dealer , player 2, player 3, player 4, player 5
  • 2,7,J ⇒ the order of dealing is player 2, player 3, player 4, player 5, dealer.
  • 3,8,K the order of dealing is player 3, player 4, player 5, dealer
  • 4.9 the order of dealing is player 4, player 5, dealer, player 2, player 3
  • 5,10 the order of dealing is player 5, dealer, player 2, player 3, player 4

During the game, use only one deck of cards, not counting the Joker, not discarding any cards. While waiting for the bet, the Dealer sitting next to you will shuffle the cards again.

How to Calculate Points in Online Casinos

When dealing, each hand will be dealt 3 cards, only taking the units of 3 cards together to compare with the dealer. For example, Dealer distributes 3 cards to players as follows K, 4, 8, then we add 3 cards together: 10+4+8=22. The number 2 is the unit line, so that capacitor only counts 2 points (the calculation is similar to the three-scratch card).

Things To Note When Playing Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is a game of high chance, based on the score of the cards to decide whether to win or lose. You will compare your score with the dealer, if the score is higher, the bet will be won.

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Some Additional Notes you Need to Temember:

– J, Q, K are West cards that count for 10 points

– The remaining cards will be counted as the number on that card. For example, lesson 8 is 8 points

– A is only counted 1 point

⇒ The total of 3 cards of the house will be compared with the house to know the winner or loser.

Big and small scores determine victory or defeat in the Three Scratch Card position

Three Westerns is the biggest hand in online casinos


The tips above are lists of easy ways to play Three Card Poker online that we have shared with players. Players just need to grasp briefly how to play Three Card Poker just introduced above can join the game quickly at Gogbetsg Casino online. Hope it helps players more or less to win in real money online card games Three Card Poker. Hurry up to join this exciting game at Gogbetsg.