13 Tips To Be A Winner In Poker Online!

Do You Want To Know Some Tips To Certainly Win In Playing Poker In Live Casino? 

If you ask this question for other websites, ensure that they will whisper with you about the tips which have been repeated for decades. However, some of them are not suitable with this social. Other things will not help you unless it’s in a suitable case.  

There is nothing certainly but if you learn  by heart some tips , your conquering way is easier. Therefore, this article is some advice which for every player regardless of experience, type of play, the level of bets can take advantage. 

Let’s Start!

1. Doubt Every Advice Or Check It Yourself 

Poker is a varied game and nothing is not absolute. Therefore, you should doubt every advice from everywhere. This includes what you are reading here. If you find something that you want to follow, you should test it first to realize that whether it is right for you.

Perhaps you think that advice is bad. It fails because it doesn’t suit your play style, the type of game you play or your purposes. On the other hand, you can find it effective, profitable, same with your purpose. Who knows? It depends on you, however remember that don’t believe advice until check them by yourself! 

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2. Choose A Type Of Game And Conquer It

You should choose a type of casino game because you can focus on learning about it faster. You should spend your time to find out what its characteristics are, what strategies to conquer it are. If you always change your type of games, you will not be good at any types. 

You only should change to another type when you have started to win stably. The easiest thing is to choose the similar type to play. Then, the adjustments you need to make will be smaller. 

As you approach Poker like this, you will find that you are always learning and getting better, but play it slowly and don’t lose all of it.

3. Review Your Decks Carefully

As starting, you should spend your time researching your games equal to the time you play. 

What should you review? – Everything.

Which card combination do you own? Why?

How did you face the deck? Why?

How would you play with the same card combination in another location? Why?

What can you change? Improve what? Why and why not?

If it’s possible, find a friend to learn with you. That makes you see more objective view of how you play.

As you get better, you can spend more playing time than you watch and focus on analyzing difficult games.

But there’s nothing wrong with revisiting an entire tournament or series. We guarantee that you will never regret doing that.

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4. Find A Coach, Then Become A Coach By Yourself

If you ask someone who has been successful at anything, they will tell you one of the reasons even the main reason behind succeed.  That is because they are instructed and taught by a supervisor or experienced person who has more experience than them. 

With the guidance, they will help you overcome the pitfalls, whether in the game, in paying taxes, etc. They also help you strategically. They will help you become better and have better thinking.

If you want to break through and become better, make more profits, you need to hire a coach right away. Start with a good coach with the type of game that you are playing or have been playing. No need to choose a coach with too expensive. And you can always become an amateur coach.

Once you have enough experience, start coaching others. You not only help others but also force yourself to think about what you say, what you do, and the advice you give. This helps to grasp what you have learned and done.

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5. Play Less Tables 

Playing 20 or more will be good if you win $1 on a game, but if you can play 10 games at $2? Isn’t that more reasonable? You reduce the pressure, focus more and more improved. In addition, you will level up faster when reducing the number of tables needed to make money.

6. Treat Ooker As A Job

If you want to play Poker seriously, at least do these things:

– Make a schedule (and follow it). Not only for playing but also for resting, going to bed, getting up in the morning, etc.

– Set a goal and accomplish it including the number of games or tournaments to play.

– Reserve to always have money to turn around after battles.

This is a big change in thinking, from playing as a hobby to treating it as a job. But we guarantee you will see better results and you will save, earn more money once you follow it.

7. Don’t Lose Your Life

It’s so easy to realize that Poker online is taking over you. In your  free time, you will be doing something that related to Poker. It can be playing Poker, talking about Poker, reading about Poker, etc. 

But, how about your health? Your relationship? Your balance? 

You will not remember many things that you missed in the past if you are always in the game. It is sad because you never get them back! 

8. Don’t Neglect Your Health 

There is nothing healthy about playing Poker, either online or offline. You sit all day, this is very harmful. In fact, people who sit all day are at a higher risk of having a heart attack or other cardiovascular problems. Sitting all day with consecutive games does not give you much free time to cook or eat properly. So you will eat whatever is available or fast food.

The same thing happens with exercise. The conclusion is that if you sit all day playing Poker, you will owe yourself regular exercise. In fact, with the appearance of the exercise machines, we recommend having one when playing. Then, let’s exercise 30-60 minutes a day with them.

Pay attention to your health, not just to look better, it also helps you relax, clear your mind and think better. You will not be exhausted thinking all day.

In other words, staying healthy helps you play better and gain more while playing.

9. Pay Attention To Process

A mistake that players often make in Poker online or offline is to focus on the results. 

Everybody always has a trend to focus on the results instead of caring about what them to destination. The process is more important than the results. 

The right way is the right process. If you pay attention to the process what you did, how you can reach that goal, how you play this game, etc. you will have more experience to apply in the same next games. Although the result is not good, you did a right process and you got more experiences. 

10. Learn Basic Math

You need to know basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and do it quickly. Poker players have to use this basic skill every day.

11. Find An Investor If Needed And All Agreements Must Be Legal

Getting an investment can be a good thing, especially when you can’t afford about finance. This also helps separate daily spending money from play money. And if you are good enough, it is not difficult to have more money to play. 

But, in fact, there are constraints such as how many games you are required to play each month. During that time, you must divide your profits according to the agreed rate. If you are not very good, the ratio is usually 50-60% (with the advantage of investors). But no matter what, make sure that all agreements are on paper so they can be renegotiated later.

It will sure when hiring a lawyer to look over everything before signing.

The last thing – at the end of the deal, end peacefully, always communicating with your investors. Do well and you will have friends and money for a lifetime.

12. Delete Your Individual Emotions.

We want to mention about the “tilt” phenomenon.  But we don’t want to tell you to rest or relax when that happens. All you need to do is to look at Poker online objectively, it ignore your personal emotions during the game.  So when something bad or good happens, it doesn’t affect your decision either. This is the best skill that you should learn. Instead of getting angry when someone treat you bad, you just keep calm, shrug your shoulders and keep going. 

Approach such Poker and you will go further than most other players

13. Some Strategies

Most of the tips above are general tips for life rather than Poker tactics, so to finish, let’s take a look at the following strategies:

Position: The last person to act in a round is always more beneficial than the first. You will get information by how players bet.

Fool: This is not as common or necessary as you think. In fact, when you’re just starting out, you’ll gain more if you don’t cheat.

Play less games: You may be a loser, but I guarantee you will lose money more slowly if you play fewer games.

Try these, focus on a style of play and you’ll be fine. Everything else, pick up quickly during play.


We know these are not the specific strategies but we think they are the most useful. Strategies change, the games develop quickly but these tips are forever. They will always be useful and we believe that if you read and try them, you will become a more successful Poker online player. 

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