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Top 10 Greatest Boxing Players of All Time

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Boxing is one of the fascinating global sports games, bringing intense emotions and extremely strong for players and the audience. Therefore, boxing betting is also one of the favorite sports betting in this betting industry.

However, it is difficult to come up with a list of the greatest players of all time. Because with boxing, every try is always working and developing over time, so any rules or regulations are subject to change. Therefore, it is not possible to rely on the norms of any age to make an accurate list.

But with a few exceptions, boxing fighters are considered truly great with an understanding of the sport. The achievements they deserve are recorded in the history of this sport.

Here are the top 10 greatest boxing players of all time. This list is based on what the players have devoted to boxing with the results at the peak of success. Let’s learn more with us!

Harry Greb

At the top of the list was Harry Greb – he was dubbed “The Human Windmill”. His life and accomplishments are like a fictional novel, despite all scientific laws.

Harry Greb is a midsize champion with more than 300 appearances on the stage with a record of beating many of the world’s top heavyweight and lightweight boxing players.

According to statistics, “The Human Windmill” has conquered 18 world champions, 48 ​​times facing 16 Hall of Famers. in 1919, he defeated 5 members of HOF with a score of 45 – 0.

In fact, he could only use one eye because the other eye was blinded by trauma but he achieved a lot of success in his career.

However, Harry Grebs suffered complications from routine respiratory surgery and died at age 32. For decades, Harry Grebs has been one of the most impressive names and has become a monument of boxing.

Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson is considered one of the greatest warriors in boxing history.

He was the heaviest winner of all time and the first year middleweight champion of this fighting sport.

Sugar Ray Robinson participated in more than 200 professional matches with 172 wins and 109 knockout matches. In his career, he has achieved remarkable achievements and became a truly respectable warrior.

Sam Langford 

Third place goes to the Canadian champion. He is a lightweight and heavyweight champion, beating top players like Joe Jeanette, Jack Johnson, Joe Gans.

For more than two decades, Sam Langford’s career has had hundreds of victories and he has made his name on the list of the greatest warriors of all time.

Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong is the first and only player to own the world’s three most prestigious titles in three separate categories at the same time. This is truly a monumental and great thing.

At that time, not everyone could achieve such a remarkable achievement. Instead of having a champion in every department, Henry holds this title all at once.

“Hammerin’ Hank ”defeated Chalky Wright, Lou Ambers and Barney Ross teammates in all categories including lightweight, welterweight and featherweight.

He became the champion 18 times and always tried to consolidate this title to become one of the greatest boxing players of all time.

Roberto Duran

Fifth position belonged to the Panama puncher Roberto Duran. stand at the peak of power with a performance lasting 5 decades and a performance in 4 categories from light to medium.

According to W88 betting statistics, Roberto Duran has won more than 100 career victories. He is considered top notch in all categories. throughout his fighting career, besides the names mentioned above, he is undoubtedly one of the greatest warriors.

Muhammad Ali

This American boxing fighter was born in Cassius Clay. His career is a passionate and meaningful symbol for future generations.

In Muhammad Ali’s career, he won an Olympic gold medal and won the heaviest competitions in boxing history. he was also considered an important cultural icon and role model that later generations must follow.

Ezzard Charles

Ezzard Charles is known as the fortress on the ring and is considered one of the warriors who are always technically perfect as well as the most favorite audience.

Ezzard Charles became unbeaten in the heavy category of this sport’s history.

He defeated many of his fellow competitors such as: all of Famers Archie Moore, Jimmy Bivins, Jersey Joe Walcott, Joey Maxim throughout his boxing career.

With such achievement, Ezzard Charles deserves to be one of the greatest players/

Willie Pep

Willie Pep is considered the last master of The Sweet Science. he is likened to a defense sorcerer in boxing.

“The Will O’ the Wisp ”won the featherweight class in 1956 out of 241 matches in his playing career.

Bob Fitzsimmons

This is considered to be the scariest fist on the ring.

The Cornwall puncher became a midsize champion, knocking out James J. Corbett in the heavy queue to win the championship while taking down George Gardiner to continue to be the light champion.

Benny Leonard

Benny Leonard is said to be one of the world’s leading lightweight geniuses in history.

By capturing his technical prowess and scientific method, Benny Leonard overcame the world’s leading rivals such as Freddie Welsh, Lew Tendler, Johnny Kilbane and Johnny Dundee.

Ray Arcel – the legendary coach and cornerman called Benny Leonard the best fighter he had ever seen. This shows that Benny Leonard deserves to be one of the greatest players of all time.


Above are the top 10 greatest Boxing players in the world which are summarized by Gogbetsg. By reading this, you are probably admired by the achievements these players have made in their careers. Hopefully this will be useful information for you and you will be inspired to play exciting sports games and participate in sports betting at online casinos or traditional casinos

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