UFO Frenzy Slot – How To Play UFO Frenzy Slot At Mega888

Mega888 must be a name that is no longer strange to those who are passionate about betting in the Singapore market. Coming to Mega888, players feel lost in the colorful and sound betting world by slot games with many different themes. At Online casino in Singapore cooperates with many major publishers in the world, not only prestige but product quality is absolutely safe.

Coming to Mega888, players should not ignore UFO Frenzy Slot. This is the game with the largest number of participants currently. So what advantages does UFO Frenzy Slot really possess that make many players love it? Let’s find out with Gogbetsg.com based on the article below.

The Law Of UFO Frenzy Slot At Meg888

UFO Frenzy Slot is a game with a science fiction theme, which can be said to be quite new and unprecedented in slot games before. However, UFO Frenzy Slot still retains its inherent humor and fun.

UFO Frenzy Slot has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 payment lines. The game’s RTP rate is 95.98%.

To participate in playing UFO Frenzy Slot at Meg888, players need to follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Gogbetsg.com – Register an account by contacting the customer service staff by live chat, Whatsapp.
  • Step 2: Log in to the successfully registered account, change the password to increase security.
  • Step 3: Under “Mega888” select “UFO Frenzy Slot”.
  • Step 4: Select the amount you want to bet. In the category with the “max bet” and “auto spin” buttons, just click on it, the system will automatically bet for the subsequent spins without clicking the button.

Symbols And Payment

  • Normal symbol

UFO Frenzy Slot has a total of 8 symbols along with Wild and Scatter like other Slot games. Symbols often include: UFO, chicken, cow, pig, they are built in a lovely, funny way. If the player matches 5 symbols or 4 and 3 symbols on the payment line, the player gets a high payout.

For low paying symbols like A,K, Q,J, the player who wants to get the best payout must combine 5A on the screen, followed by K.

  • Wild Symbol

Wild Symbol is a UFO image. They appear on all the reels, and the Wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols, with the exception of the Scatter.

On the 3rd reel if a Wild appears, the system will trigger UFO Frenzy. Also 4 Wild UFO symbols will drop randomly on the reels.

In UFO Frenzy, the Scatter symbol is covered and still counted on the counter. The UFO Frenzy feature is triggered during the main spin and also the free spins. Wild symbols are paid out by the system based on the multiplier of the bet line.

  • Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol has an image of an energy box. Symbols appear on all reels.

If the player owns 40 Scatter symbols then 10 free spins can be triggered. And the wins they get will be doubled.

Each Scatter symbol that appears on the reels will be added to the counter. If the player has 40 Scatter symbols, the reward the player receives will be X1 of the total bet. If the player changes the betting round, the Scatter will be forfeited. Then the wheel of fortune is activated.

  • Features UFO Frenzy Bonus

If the player successfully activates the UFO Frenzy Slot bonus round, the player achieves a big win. At the bonus round of UFO Frenzy Bonus, the winnings received by the player are doubled.

Scatters can appear at any time. If the player wants to trigger the free spins, the player must have up to 40 spins and the game will award 10 free spins. And those rounds can be reactivated.


UFO Frenzy Slot certainly does not disappoint Slot fan players. Mega888 provides a full range of services and meets all betting requirements of players. As long as players have needs, come to Mega888 to have many new and interesting experiences like Air Combat 1942 or Cai Shen Fishing today..