AFC ASIAN CUP 2019 Vietnam vs Japan – 24/01/2019 Football Betting Tip

Vietnam will face to face with Japan in the first quarter-final of the Asian Cup 2019. With opponents hard to play like Japan, whether the 2019 Asian Cup quarter-finals encounters “Samurai warriors” of the VN team can create a miracle?


Asian Handicap : 2.05*1-1.5*1.85

Japan team defeated Turkmenistan (3-2), Oman (1-0) and Uzbekistan (2-1) to lead Group F with 9 points in the group stage. In fact, despite having 9 points in full, the green Samurai did not play well.

The team’s play has revealed too many limitations when the attack is quite ungainly and not sharp in the scoring phase.

However, the team of coach Moriyasu Hajime cannot deny Japan has shown a very varied play style. In front of different opponents, the Green Samurai uses different tactics, making it difficult for opponents to catch the cards.

This is really dangerous and of course, remember that Japan is on a different level and this is really a disadvantage for Vietnam.

In the latest match with Saudi Arabia in the eighth round, Japan once again showed its bravery.

The lack of sharpness of Arab public goods is one thing, but it is important that Japan owns extremely strong midfield players and players.

Vietnam team made Asia have to cope with an unexpected victory over the Jordanian team to win the second title in the top eight in the Asian Cup.And before that was the death match against big guys like Iran or Iraq. Therefore, in this war, despite having to face a heavy team, Vietnam Tel is still the most expected name.

With the distance quite far from the rankings (up to 50 levels), the level of handicap up to 1 1/2 of the house given to the match between Vietnam and Japan is understandable. Considering the real situation between Vietnam and Japan, there is a big disparity in class performance and force.

This is the 3rd encounter between 2 teams, 2 times against each other before, the country of cherry blossoms never knew of a draw or defeat against Vietnam. And of course, winning is not too surprising for Japan today.

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Odds Over/Under :2.03*2.5*1.84

Up to 50 levels apart from the FIFA rankings, it is not too difficult to understand the odds against the Japanese side to reach 1.5-1 in the clash with the Vietnamese team. In fact, with the difference in level, a victory for “samurai warriors” is a predictable thing.

Experts judged that the odds of playing the game if predicted to play properly in Japan will be an easy victory before Vietnam.  Therefore, players can completely trust Japan and choice Under in this match.

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First half odds bet : 2.05*0.5*1.78

With the performances of the past two teams, we easily recognize the certainty from the defense. Vietnam and Japan both possess extremely strong and reliable crafts.

Predicting Lineups:

Vietnam: Van Lam, Duy Manh, Ngoc Hai, Tien Dung, Van Hau, Trong Hoang, Xuan Truong, Duc Huy, Quang Hai, Van Đuc, Cong Phuong.

Japan:  Gonda; Nagatomo, Tomiyasu, Yoshida, Sakai, Wataru Endo, Shibasaki, Haraguchi, Minamino, Ritsu Doan, Kitagawa.

Prediction: Vietnam 1-1 Japan ( Vietnam and Under)

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