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Vietnam’s Opponent Dad A Draw In Their Pre-Asian Cup 2019 Friendly Match

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Being the Asian team with highest ranking in FIFA, Iran had a not really good start before entering the final of Asian Cup 2019

Iran-vietnam Asian Cup 2019

To get ready for Asian Cup 2019, many teams have been entering in friendly matches. Vietnam chooses North Korea and Philippines. Their opponent in Group D is Iran and Iraq, who both have their friendly match last night (24/12).

In details, Iran is rank 29th in FIFA Board and highest in Asia. They have a friendly match with Palestine, a team is ranked 99th, less than them 70 positions.

In the first minutes of the match in Abdullah bin Khalifa, Iran immediately showed their skills with the high rate of ball-controlled. However, Palestine also shows their determination when playing with their best defenders to stand still in the first half.

However, just 5 minutes after the break. Iran had a goal scored, which broke Mehdi Taremi’s deadlock. The number one seed of Group D at the 2019 Asian Cup could have doubled the gap if he did not waste a lot of good opportunities afterwards.

Iran-vietnam Asian Cup 2019 1

At the minute of 87th, Iran has to pay the consequences when Jonathan Cantillana of Palestine scores a goal, which makes the match end with a draw 1-1.

After this friendly game, Iran still has another chance against Qatar in 31/12. Before, Iran came to Doha to take part in the training course before Asian Cup 2019 from 17/12.

Different from Iran, another opponent of Vietnam in Group D of Asian Cup 2019, Iraq had a big victory against China last 24/12 night.

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Although lower than China 12 levels in the board (Iraq ranks 88, China ranks 76th), The East Asian team scored first thanks to Ahmad Ibrehim at the minute of 22.

However, right before the first half finished, Lei Wu succeeded to put a shot in the 11m mark to equalize the score. At the minute of 69th, young talent Mohanad Alshammari scored a point, which helps Iraq win the match with the score of 2-1.

Besides, the match also saw a red card drawn by the referee for Y.Liu on the Chinese side at the last minute of the second half.

1 day after Iraq and Iran has their friendly matches; Vietnam also has theirs against North Korea, to reevaluate the personnel before Asian Cup 2019. The game will take place at 19h (Vietnam time), 12/25 in My Dinh national stadium. long- standing online casino in Singapore.
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Iran-vietnam Asian Cup 2019 2