How to Play Virtual Dog Race Betting At Online Bookmaker

What Is Virtual Dog Racing?

Virtual dog racing is one of the most popular Virtual sports betting games today. You will use the dogs’ speed, let them compete with each other and bet. The dogs are chasing their fake prey, and the one that runs through the finish line first wins. The player’s task is to choose exactly where the dog they bet will finish.

Virtual dog racing is a part of modern betting sports today. This game has a great attraction to those who love betting. In addition it also gives you extra income.

Currently, the virtual dog races at GogbetSG include 3 distances corresponding to different racing times. Each match time ranges from 1.5 minutes to 4 minutes. A virtual dog race at the house is divided into phases including:

  • First phase: 65 seconds.
  • Stopping period: 10 seconds
  • Official racing stages: 22, 36 and 48 seconds
  • Phase ends: 15 seconds.

Virtual Dog Racing Rules At Online Bookmaker

  • Each playing dog is assigned a number and name, including the trainer name and clothing for identification. Your bets and odds will be based on athletes’ information provided by GogbetSG.
  • Each match has 8 dogs competing against each other in an initially specified race framework. The track must be flat, there will be obstacles to play. The weather is sunny and beautiful.
  • You have a variety of bets to choose from, GogbetSG offers a daily odds table. Usually 1st and 2nd place will use the win / place bet.
  • The announcement for a start race is calculated by a list of 8 participating dogs with the corresponding final number. Attached is the price for each bet type.
  • A race takes place within 30-45 seconds.
  • The dog, after finishing the top 3, will be returned and zoomed more for the player to easily follow and observe.
  • Similar to live competitions, the results of the race will be displayed on the web screen within the shortest time.
  • The next tournament with that tournament information will be updated immediately after the previous race has results.

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Virtual Dog Racing Information

  • At GogbetSG betting site, virtual dog races are continuous. You just finished the match before GogbetSG and quickly provided the information for your next bet.
  • By category, you can split into 3 different distances: ‘Race Begin’ (65 seconds), ‘Bet stop’ (10 seconds), “Race” (22.36 or 48 seconds. out in intervals of 1.5-4 minutes.
  • Meeting Begin and Meeting End are the signals that announce the end time and start a virtual dog race. It will appear every 45/30 seconds.
  • Any browser you use in the media can participate in virtual dog racing betting at GogbetSG. Openness and transparency at the GogbetSG website need not be worried, ensuring absolute safety and quality.
  • At the end of each match the stakes will be immediately deposited into your betting account. You have a variety of deposit and withdrawal options in different formats. GogbetSG offers payment via phone scratch cards, bank transfer at counters or Internet banking. GogbetSG offers many different currencies, you can bet freely.

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Types of Bets And Virtual Dog Race Experiences To Win Bets

There are 5 types of bets in virtual dog racing including:

  • Bet wins
  • Place bets
  • Win / Position bet
  • Prediction betting
  • Bet to predict three positions

If you want to win the virtual dog bet, you need to have the following betting tips in hand:

  • Timely betting, usually players will bet 10 seconds in advance for the categories before the dogs start to bet.
  • Find out the complete information, observe the dog and the race situation carefully before making a betting decision.
  • For either the 1st or 2nd place wager, you can select the place bet type.
  • Predictive bet is usually used for betting on 1 in 3 dogs to finish first.
  • You can choose the first place to bet on one or two notes that you think can finish first.
  • You can also choose any 2 dogs and one of them can take one of the first two positions for you to win.


At GogbetSG online casino, virtual dog racing is a sport betting widely acclaimed and recognized by many players. The number of matches per day is so many, you can bet without fear of missing the chance to win.

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Hopefully through this article you will have more information and gain experience in receiving dog racing bets.

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