Virtual Horse Racing Betting Guidelines At Online Casino

What Is Virtual Horse Racing?

Virtual horse racing is one of the virtual sports games loved by many. This betting game is built and simulated based on real life horse racing matches in 3D. About the character, the racetrack is fully designed, well-tuned. Virtual horse races are organized in two forms, independent – parallel.

Each form will be shown the exact match date so that players can understand and participate in betting. The odds of given are based on the number of draws of a given horse.

Each player in each match is allowed to wager 1 ticket. Bet is limited to 10 seconds before the game starts. On the betting ticket with the code, only 1 draw and bet can be made. That means that each horse cannot bet multiple times per player.

Virtual Horse Racing Betting Betting Guidelines

  • Time for horse racing:

Depending on each match, horse racing will have a different time. Players access the betting website to see clearly before starting to bet. Each match lasts from 3 to 5 minutes. Races in consecutive open days, this race will end, and a new race continues.

There can be 9 competitions appearing on the same horse track. Players should be quick to bet, if the time to come has not yet bet, the casino will reject the result.

  • Race and horse racing:

Depending on the race, there will be from 8 to 10 or 12 different race horses. There are a total of 3 distinct distances on a track. And each race like that divided into three phases: first, middle, and last.

The 1 match process includes:

  • Horse introduction: 6 seconds / one horse
  • Stop bet: 10 seconds
  • Race: 70-160 seconds (depends on the distance of the race)
  • End of race: 10 seconds

Forms of Virtual Horse Racing Betting include:

According to the odds at Gogbetsg online casino: each player can choose their preferred bet, usually 3.0. With this bet the player can return up to 3 times his original amount if he wins. In case a player chooses to return under 2.0 the bonus amount cannot be multiplied.

Calculated rule = bet amount + 1/3 stake.

Odds in X / Y fractions: bets equal to the amount Z

Stakes on Z = Z + Z x X / Y.

Odds according to Moneyline: calculated according to the formula of plus minus negative. The positive is equal to the stake amount. The negative will be equal to the negative bet amount.

Virtual Horse Racing Betting Types

There are 6 types of bets on horse racing

  • First place bet: Player who bets on horse to finish first, if winning the match, receives all bets at the odds offered by Gogbetsg initially.
  • Top bet: player bets on the horses to either finish first or second (for a 7-child formation) and top / second / third on an 8-horse lineup.
  • Single top bet: Bet on the horse to take either 1st or 2nd place.
  • Double top 2 bet: Bet on a horse that can finish in either 1st or 2nd place.
  • Top 3 singles: bet on the horse to finish in the top 3 ranking being 1st or 2nd or 3rd place.
  • Dual top 3: bet on the horse to finish the top 3 regardless of rank.

Predicting Betting Results at Gogbetsg Online Casino:

  • The performance of the horse: All details about the horse will be displayed before the game starts. These factors really do not affect the outcome of the game much. Because this is a virtual bet, and the results are random. Master players need to research seriously, be able to know the exact situation and make a decision. Players can even change their mind to place last minute bets before the game starts.
  • Luck beats experience: In addition to player experience, the outcome can be influenced by the horses themselves on the track. Players should consider choosing horses to bet more than the match of the previous day.
  • Virtual betting is gaining the favor of many players. In terms of advantages that cannot be ignored, profits from virtual horse racing are also very high. Before the side virtual horse racing has a search.

Fantasy Horse Racing Betting Tips:

  • Get the full information before the game starts.
  • Invest, follow experienced people to learn to bet before betting big sums.
  • Take great control over your finances while betting at Gogbetsg.
  • Keep a steady mindset when betting, knowing when to stop when to continue.


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