What is Poker?Introduction To PoKer For Newbies

What is Poker1
Iintroduction To Poker

Basic Definitons

Poker is the common name for some card games in which players bet on the power of their cards. In a game of poker, the total of players’ bet in the table is pot. Pot will be won by the player with the greatest hand or the player whose bet makes others check.

Poker is usually played with 3 types of bets:

  • No limit: Unlimited bet. You can bet all of the money you are having in your tale.
  • Pot Limit: Maximum bet depends on the money already in the pot.
  • Limit (or Fixed Limit): Bet limit is according to a fixed limit.

Poker’s Deck

In poker, we use the deck of 52 cards, including 4 suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades. Poker doesn’t separate between suits, which mean any suit has the same value. Win/Lose will be decided by 10 values of cards you get will get to know at the later part of this article.

What is Poker

Actions in a poker game

Any of your moves in a poker game is one of these following actions:

  1. Fold: You quit, don’t continue that game and accept to lose your ante. For example when you think your hand is too bad or your opponent bet is too big that you think you have no chance of winning.
  2. Bet: You can bet when there is no one did it before. Once you bet, other players on the table have to follow your bet or at least as much as your net (call), or more than your bet (raise), or fold.
  3. Raise: When there was someone already bet, you have a choice of raise (bet more than their bet). This action will put a lot of pressure on your opponents. If they are not ready to bet more money, they can only fold.
  4. Call: You bet an amount of money that equal to the previous player who bet/raise to continue that game.
  5. Check: If it is your turn and there was no one bet before, you can check to hand your turn to the next player, which means you don’t bet anything.

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