Why Recruit Vietnam Often Do Not Play Well On My Dinh Stadium?

My Dinh is considered a “sanctuary” of the Vietnamese team, but it does not bring good luck in the past important matches.

It was not accidental that Park Hang-Seo started the press conference before the semi-final against Philippines by repeating the defeat at the AFF Cup 2014 against Malaysia. That is one of the painful defeat on My Dinh Stadium, forcing the Vietnamese team not be subjective in the game tonight (6/12).

The mental weight of the players

In football, brain research represents 70-80% of the achievement rate of each match. It is troublesome for the players to play in the precarious soul of the administrative strategies, which would negatively affect the result.

But, the Vietnamese group isn’t generally rough or when the “upper entryway”. For solid adversaries, Vietnam is mindful, has reasonable rivalry, and exploits great chances to win enormous wins. Be that as it may, subsequent to having an incredible preferred standpoint in the main leg, returning home, the Vietnamese group frequently did not exploit that and moved toward the match more terrible.

“Previously, the attitude of our group has not been great and stable, and the players have an absence of certainty, so when home, regardless of the favorable position yet humiliating moreover, there is no enormous issue as far as ability. “

The disappointments at the AFF Cup 2014 and 2016 have to a great extent originated from the mix-ups of the safeguard. To be more genuine, it is the basic blunders are infrequently show up in the expert players.

In 2014, Que Ngoc Hai, Van Bien, Nguyen Manh and Mai Tien Thanh were the protectors in the barrier, making the Vietnamese group lose multiple times in the primary half against Malaysia at My Dinh Stadium. After two years, Nguyen Manh, Que Ngoc Hai and Dinh Dong were the ones who committed the error of by implication placing Indonesia in the last.

Clarifying the purposes behind the players are mental, previous club player Cong stated: “The disappointment of the past because of absence of preparing, relatively few matches with solid adversaries. In various circumstances, that prompts the players frequently mentally and not play well. “

Both Malaysia and Indonesia are not groups that have achieved the world, for example, Japan, Korea. They are rivals that Vietnam has had numerous open doors before. Missteps in football are unavoidable, yet it appears that the Vietnamese players regularly “enormous” in the amusement, particularly when playing under the weight of a huge number of home group fans.

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Will Not Make Mistakes?

So far, the biggest impression that Park Hang-Seo expressed in the Vietnam team is a system built on the basis of certainty in the defense. Do not compete color and flower, the Vietnamese team under the Korean strategy strategist high efficiency in each match.

“In the past, talents of Vietnamese players were still very limited, and the defensive line we built was lacking in experience, so we were confused and lost in situations of silly. So far, coach Park has built a very good and stable play, especially Dinh Trong, “said Vu Manh Hai.

Since the Asian Cup U23 in Changzhou, China earlier this year, the personnel of the Vietnamese team is not much change. At ASIAD 18, Park still believes in the triumph of Tien Dung – Dinh Trong – Duy Manh and only changed the position of defender Viettel football club by Que Ngoc Hai when entering the AFF Cup 2018.

In the last two AFF Cup, the Vietnamese team conceded four goals before the semifinal semi-final, but by this time, Dang Van Lam just picked up the ball once in the match against the Philippines. in Bacolod. Also, at ASIAD 18 recently, the students of coach Park Hang-Seo kept clean up to the semi-finals.

The players of the Vietnam team are playing relatively stable since the beginning of the tournament. Playing against the three defenders and pulling Van Hau – Trong Hoang back in the necessary cases to help the students of the Korean strategist more flexible in a variety of defensive situations.

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With individual Que Ngoc Hai, this will be the competition that this player is relied upon to “make the compensation” in the past AFF Cup. Prior to the beginning of the amusement, fans have gotten some information about the situation of safeguards of the SLNA club by the trio Tien Dung – Dinh Trong – Duy Manh is playing entirely steady.

Nonetheless, conquer the questions, Que Ngoc Hai was given the commander in the match Van Decision is missing. He played stable and turned into a solid quit, making an incredible commitment to the spotless sheet in the gathering phase of Vietnam.

Conceived in 1993, Que Ngoc Hai has turned 25 years of age to the pinnacle of his vocation. The Nghe A safeguard is not any more a hopeless youthful player like the past AFF Cup, yet in addition experienced against the weight of solid adversaries. “This year, Que Ngoc Hai played better, mental solidness and ability are enhancing,” master Vu Manh Hai included.

Obviously, the instructor of Park Hang-website optimization isn’t permitted to be abstract when entering this match in light of the fact that in the principal leg, the Philippines has demonstrated the peril with numerous circumstances draping the ball into the confined territory. The Vietnam group at that point had some humiliation, however this is the general brain research of the protection, not just the group VP Que Ngoc Hai.

Previously, the Vietnamese group never won the semi-finals in My Dinh. Will mentor Hang-website optimization Park have defeated the “crushed” before the rival in the Philippines today around evening time to wind up the rest of the agents to play the last?

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