Willem II vs Den Haag – 15/12/2018 – FREE FOOTBALL PREDICTION TIPS

Willem II and Den Haag are struggling to compete in the next round to go to the top half of the Group. This promises to be a dramatic, playful game.

Asian Handicap: 2.08*0.5*1.83

With 16 points in 15 rounds, the 11th and 12th respectively of the two teams proved the balance between Willem II and the Den Haag. However, thanks to the home advantage, Willem II is confidently placed on top of the house with a relatively deep bet.

In terms of performance, Willem II has shown remarkable cyclical down turn over the past seven games. Each victory was immediately followed by a defeat. On his last appearance on 9 December, Willem II lost 1-5 to Heerenveen. On the other side of the line, the Den Haag is definitely worse because they just won one out of the last eight matches in every arena (including 5 losses). Den Haag lost 4 out of 5 in away matches, an extremely worrying result before the game.

Bad performance makes the Den Haag not appreciate, despite the history of confrontation, the team won the last five times before Willem II. The only advantage is the past. The home side should not be afraid to face the Den Haag, and they are definitely determined to end this sad series.

A name on the home team enough to make even the big men of the tournament fear, not to mention the Den Haag, is no one else but Fran Sol. Maybe his team is playing at the downturn, but with Sol, the only job is to score and score. After 15 games, this striker scored 12 goals, promising to tear the net Den Haag in the next match. Next to Fran Sol is El Khayati, owner of 10 goals this season. Meeting an equal opponents is a good opportunity for them to continue scoring.

However, to win the upcoming game is clearly not a simple task for any team, even Willem II. The loss of 1-5 last week would still affect the mentality of the players. If the odds of opening up a few chances for Willem II, then the chances of Over winning are better. But it is clear that the task of winning this battle is making the Under more noticeable.

After all, the Den Haag’s winning habits can not be ignored. Maybe the circuit will break, but losing the battle is very unlikely.

Willem II vs Den Haag – 15/12/2018 - FREE FOOTBALL PREDICTION TIPS

Over/Under: 1.9*2.5-3*1.96

The match between Willem II and Den Haag will have many goals scored. The reason comes mainly from the poor defense of both sides. The last three matches, the total number of goals are more than 2.5. 3/4 of Willem II’s goals are more than 2.5, and Den Haag’s is 3/6.

Therefore, the possibility that winning bet on the Under side is more obvious.

Willem II vs Den Haag – 15/12/2018 - FREE FOOTBALL PREDICTION TIPS1

First Half prediction: 2.08*0-0.5*1.75

In a balanced match like this, the winners of the first half should belong to the team that owns better strikers. Of course, that would be Willem II. Fran Sol alone has the power to make his opponents nervous. And as said, he is in good standing to improve his scoring record.

Fran Sol can score and bring Willem II victory in the first 45 minutes

Fullmatch Prediction: Willem II 2-2 Den Haag (Den Haag and Over)

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